Bentonville Brewing Co.


With 4.3 million pints produced in Washington and Benton counties in 2019, craft beer is one of the most exciting industries in Northwest Arkansas. Charged with designing Bentonville Brewing Co’s HQ, our firm sought to create a design that reflects the dynamism of our local beer industry, which is rooted in context as much as technique. With the ability to brew over 7,500 gallons per month, the new HQ promotes healthy opportunities to grow and build future capacity. With the space allocated for future fermenters, BBC should eventually be able to produce 3 to 4 times the current volume. Growth is not measured in barrels alone, however, and the tastefully designed tap room provides an opportunity for locals to interact and engage with the brand in a vibrant, modern environment, which encourages growth in the hearts and minds of Northwest Arkansans. A beer garden along the exterior and an ‘elongated picnic lawn’ provide patrons with opportunities to enjoy a frosty brew outdoors in NWA’s famed shoulder seasons, while providing local food trucks with staging and business opportunities. The HQ is wrapped in a modern metal and brick skin which acts as a billboard for the forward looking nature of our local industry.

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